Saturday, February 13, 2010

... valentine's day eve

Valentines day is such an interesting holiday to me. Being that I do not have a significant other to expect flowers and chocolate from, I wonder what it is that I am suppose to do with this day. My sister and I joked that we ought to go see VALENTINES DAY (the movie) tomorrow night and maybe go to an expensive restaurant without a reservation for dinner as though it may be any other day. Of course I would not be caught dead near any movie theater, restaurant, or basically any place that couples may congregate. I would like to note that this is not because I am anti-love... I enjoy romantic comedies and the thought of being in love... instead I despise the thought that only one day of the year you are suppose to publicly display your love. I despise that people feel obligated to buy gifts and shower the one they love with attention. See I think if you are truly in love, you should want to do those things everyday and not need the excuse of a holiday to remind you. Now I know that there are those who do these things everyday but still enjoy the allure of Valentines Day too and that is fine by me... I just feel very sad for those that think because their significant other gave them flowers or wrote them a nice poem on Feb. 14 that they can ignore the idea of romance the rest of the year.

Maybe I am a bit cynical... chalk it up to someone who celebrates Single Awareness Day regularly.

Much Love
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