Friday, February 12, 2010

... UNmotivation

So it's been awhile. I'd like to say I had some great reason for not posting anything in like four weeks but the truth is I just wasn't motivated to. I started to get busy and didn't make it a priority and just as easy as it is to get into the habit of posting, it was equally easy to get OUT of the habit of posting. Instead I preoccupied my time with starting my own Etsy business A Little Dash of This & That... SIDENOTE: I have some fun stuff so you should check it out. I have already had some sales... one in Finland so I can call myself an international business owner :) Now that is up and running and I have re-motivated myself, I am going to make blogging a habit again.

My next project/goal is to get more followers... I think if I had more people out there then I would be more apt to take a few minutes to update my blog. Thanks to all of you already out there!!! SO I am going to be putting together some blog candy to entice people to join my page... look for that this weekend. My goal is by March 15 to have 45 followers. I think I can do it!!

Much Love
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