Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Chin has got to go go... I want CoCo!

I cannot believe this ridiculousness. Conan was given the Tonight Show because he earned it. He put in his time and this was the next step for him. Jay was given an unjust opportunity to stay on and try something new AND it failed. BIG TIME. Do the math. If Jay wasn't getting viewers at 10pm and the affiliates weren't getting viewers at 11pm (which is why they want to make this lineup change), then of course Conan wouldn't be getting more viewers at 11:35pm. It took Jay years to get the ratings he did on the tonight show so why is Conan only getting 7 months. I think the fact that Conan has said he will not move to 12:05 is very classy. He is not only thinking of himself and the big slap in the face that gives him but what that does to the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Of course Jay could careless who this affects anyone but himself. I am completely biased here. I have NEVER like Jay Leno. As a kid I remember watching that movie about the Jay and David Letterman drama and I always thought Jay was a slime bucket. This is a lot like when NBC screwed over David Letterman... obviously NBC doesn't know funny men when they have them. Well where ever Conan goes, I will follow. I was able to see him in San Fran while hosting Late Night and I also was there for his second night of the Tonight Show where he got his infamous nickname "CoCo". I am going to try to get tickets before Feb. 12 in preparation for the inevitable end of the Tonight Show as we know it. I want CoCo!!!! Pin It

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