Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Chin has got to go go... I want CoCo!

I cannot believe this ridiculousness. Conan was given the Tonight Show because he earned it. He put in his time and this was the next step for him. Jay was given an unjust opportunity to stay on and try something new AND it failed. BIG TIME. Do the math. If Jay wasn't getting viewers at 10pm and the affiliates weren't getting viewers at 11pm (which is why they want to make this lineup change), then of course Conan wouldn't be getting more viewers at 11:35pm. It took Jay years to get the ratings he did on the tonight show so why is Conan only getting 7 months. I think the fact that Conan has said he will not move to 12:05 is very classy. He is not only thinking of himself and the big slap in the face that gives him but what that does to the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Of course Jay could careless who this affects anyone but himself. I am completely biased here. I have NEVER like Jay Leno. As a kid I remember watching that movie about the Jay and David Letterman drama and I always thought Jay was a slime bucket. This is a lot like when NBC screwed over David Letterman... obviously NBC doesn't know funny men when they have them. Well where ever Conan goes, I will follow. I was able to see him in San Fran while hosting Late Night and I also was there for his second night of the Tonight Show where he got his infamous nickname "CoCo". I am going to try to get tickets before Feb. 12 in preparation for the inevitable end of the Tonight Show as we know it. I want CoCo!!!! Pin It

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

... new year, new look

Okay so instead of taking lunch today... I have sat at my computer giving my blog a brand new look! I found this great site Shabby Blog that had really awesome backgrounds and tags. I designed the header and i think it turned out pretty good. Back to work I go... my boss just came by so I need to look busy :) lol Pin It

Sunday, January 3, 2010

... a new year

Hello Hello 2010! I have been a bit MIA enjoying my vacation from "real life". I did take time to reminisce the past year and of course took some time to scrapbook!!

There are my top 5 moments of 2009
  1. Turning 30! enough said!
  2. Graduating from Chico State with my MBA (Masters in Business Administration)... it seemed to take forever but it was all worth it!
  3. Moved into my first apartment! I know this sounds crazy after seeing number 1 but my job has always required me to live in a residence hall apartment. For the past 8 years I have been a professional live in staff member who runs the day to day operations of a college dorm, supervises the staff, and keeps the students from getting into too much trouble. Basically when I went off to college in 1997, i had lived in a dorm ever since.
  4. I got a new job... hence moving into an apartment where I have to pay rent and utilities. Crazy but I love it!!
  5. Lost 50 lbs!! I still have a long way to go until I get to my goal weight but hitting the first 50 was a huge milestone.
Now on to the scrapbooking... here are two layouts I did this weekend. This first one, that I titled the Many Faces of Paul is my entry for How Much is Too Much. The challenge was to use 22 circles... Paul is obsessed with Coldplay and the song Clocks so I decided to make 22 clocks... If you look at the two close up pictures you can see them all. I tried to make them all different sizes, styles, and colors. I wont lie it was a lot of fun creating all the clocks.... I did actually cut out two from a magazine and use them on the page as well.
I had finished scrapbooking my Dressler staff and found these four pictures i love that had not found a home on any other page so I decided to put them together. I also wanted to make the title pop and I had these thumbnail images that came with my digital prints I had ordered online. I had held on to them in case I came up with a use for them and did I... it took some time to get them to all fit on the BIG but I think it looks really cool. This layout is for the Scrap Room Blog Challenge #52.

Lastly, I used the invitation for the wedding to create this layout of my friend and former RA, Roxy's wedding. The red box with love written in multiple languages, the flowers, and bride and groom on the O of LOVE were all elements from the invitation.... of course I forgot to take a picture of it before I tore it apart so you'll have to take my work for it.
Well that is that. Goodbye 2009! I look forward to a great new year!!!! Pin It