Sunday, November 29, 2009

...Bird Heaven

I got to see and touch a baby penguin (sorry no pictures) yesterday. He was so sweet and furry. I also got to see some other interesting birds up-close. I have an in... my sister works in the bird department at our zoo. The first one we got to play with was an African Hornbill (?) named Max after Max Factor because of his beautiful eyelashes. 
Then came the parrot! This is Ruby and she likes to ask for kisses and tell herself she is a good girl.  Of course I was not going to put my face that close to a birds beak and risk her biting my lip off.  My sister, the bird training however is that brave!

There we a couple more birds but these were my favorites.  It was an awesome day.  I always hear about work from my sister and all the birds she works with but it was fun to get to meet them and see where she works everyday! I love my sister. 
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