Friday, November 27, 2009

... Black Friday

So I decided to atempt shopping today.  My sister and I had our hearts set on a dyson vacuum, specifically the animal hair one.  Our vacuum died a few weeks ago and we have been holding out for this very day.  We found out that we could order it online at Best Buy and still get the $200 discount but have to pay shipping and wait two weeks for it.  We ordered it because we were afraid that is would be sold out by the time we go there as we refused to stand in line for hours for a vacuum.  This morning we went to Target to check things out, and there to our amazement were like 10 of them.  Of course we bought it so that we could have it now! Of course to have it now, I am sitting on hold with Best Buy trying to cancel the original purchase.  Oh to be on hold at 6am. 

Note: when shopping on Black Friday, don't get a cart if you don't plan to get something you can't carry.  Everyone and their brother had a cart and they all think they will fit it between things if they just push hard enough.  You won't fit! And stop hitting me in the back of the ankle, I can't go any faster.  Pin It

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