Thursday, December 10, 2009


As I have finally found time again to scrapbook on a regular basis, I am scrapbooking pictures from 4 years ago in the hope of catching up to the here and now.  One thing I love about being behind, is discovering moments I had forgotten.  This layout has pictures from a very early morning when I kidnapped my student staff from their warm beds and took them to breakfast at denny's at 6AM.  Looking at the pictures none of them were smiling (even though I am convinced they had so much fun) until I got to Shea.  There is where I got the idea to use Smile as the title and have the arrows pointing to her.  She was so happy to have a FREE breakfast and loved every minute of our adventure.

Anyway... this is my take of the sketch from Sketchy Thursdays.  Here is what I was working with...

First I imaged it upside down and then this came out...

I think my favorite part is the buttons because they are suppose to look like fried eggs.  Off to bed otherwise there will be no smiling before 6am here. Pin It

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