Friday, December 18, 2009

... Christmas Movies!

I love Christmas! I love Christmas Music! AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! I tivo all those cheesy christmas movies on lifetime and the hallmark channel and watch throughout the month.  My sister and I went through all of our movies (we have 275+ movies) and found all the ones that celebrate Christmas and put the titles in a cup.  Every night when there is nothing to watch we pull a movie out and watch.  It has been nice to not have to make a decision about what movie to watch.  This got me thinking though... I definitely have my favorite movies.  So here are my top five favorite movies and can't live with outs during the holiday season.   
  1. Christmas Vacation: This is my absolute favorite! I think this is what the holidays are really like for people... crazy things happen and from the outsider looking in they seem really funny but to you in the moment they are frustrating.  In the end though, you have to remember it's family and that's the true meaning of Christmas.  It's the little parts of this movie that still make me laugh... Clark reading a magazine in bed with sap on his hands, the way the daughter says pajama's when they are standing outside the house waiting for the lights to come on, the look that Clark give Eddy at the dining room table when Eddy believes that there was a report on the radio about Santa being spotted flying over the city, etc.  There are so many great moments.  It has become part of my Christmas tradition to watch it at least once every december!!!
  2. Rudolph, the Red Nosed-Reindeer: This movie makes me feel like a kid.  I remember how much I loved that little elf, Hermey.  I actually have a quite extensive collection of Hermey items.  For those of you that do not know Hermey... well he wants to be a dentist! I am surprised that I never wanted to be a dentist myself... maybe I will marry a blonde dentist (LOL).  Between Berl Ives singing Holly Jolly Christmas and Hermey pulling out all of Bumbles teeth, this movie is a christmas classic!!! If you haven't seen it in a while, you have to check it out. 
  3. Love Actually: OMG... I love LOVE love this one too! My two favorite story lines are the father and the son and the prime minister and Natalie.  When Hugh Grant says, "ooooooh would we call her cubby?" or "of course you did you saucy mink", I fall in love with him all over again. This is a great movie for people with short attention spans... because the story line is always changing.  
  4. ELF: "This is Buddy. What's your favorite color?" Will Ferrel is a comedy god!  You have to watch it to understand what a great movie it is.  If only everybody could have a great attitude like Buddy.  
  5. Santa Clause: How can you not love Tim Allen turning into Santa Claus.  The idea that if Santa falls off the roof and hurts himself, whomever puts on the suit because Santa Claus is a great premise.  Although the movie is like 16 years old, totally worth watching again.  I also really enjoy the second one!!! 
Well those are my favorites... what are yours?
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