Saturday, December 25, 2010

On the 6th day of Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!! Welcome!!!!!

If you stopped by yesterday, you saw that I talked about saving wrapping paper to make Christmas Present tags.  Here is another great use of Christmas wrapping paper… flower making. 

I start with circles in two sizes.  The more you cut the fuller the flower.


Once you have the circles cut you need to cut the circles like fringe. 


Once you have them cut you will stack and glue them.  Fluff up the fringe and add some flare to the middle.  I like rhinestones.  Now you have a fun flower you can add to your tags or maybe add to a christmas layout. 


Have fun and Happy holidays!!!!!!!

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  1. I love making my own flower decorations. These would even be fun to make from scrappy paper :)

  2. lovely flower! hope you had a nice christmas!


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