Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 1… My Paper Tree

Happy Monday!!!!!!!! Are you hear from SCRAP IT WITH A SONG? Hope you are all enjoying the holiday week!! I've been a bit sick so I am feeling way behind in shopping and gift wrapping. But back to the tree :)


I saw this in a magazine and thought, "I could make that" and now you can too!!!!!!!

STEP ONE: Cut Strips. Find your favorite patterned paper. You can use any color!! I went for the traditional green. My strips are about an inch wide.

STEP TWO: Cut the strips into smaller strips. I used fun scissors to add some flare but you can do what you fancy.


STEP THREE (optional and not pictures): Add ink to the edges. I decided to add some brown ink to the bottom edges to add some dimension but it's not necessary.

STEP FOUR: Curl the edges. This helps to give the fullness to the tree.

STEP FIVE: Layer and glue. I used hot glue over a Styrofoam cone (you can get these at michaels). Start at the bottom and glue layer by layer, overlapping the last so no white pokes through. Just make sure you have enough paper to cover the thing. I had cut my strips to long and almost didn't have enough to make it to the top. You can see from the second picture that my pieces got much smaller... I actually cut the big ones in half.

STEP SIX: Embellish!!! This is where you make your tree your very own. I found this great silver fringe ribbon that I added between layers to look like tinsel and then added rhinestones to look like ornaments.


STEP SEVEN: Top and Bottom. For the top, I used a giant rhinestone brad but you could cover it in paper. you could add a star. Anything you want. For the bottom, I took half of a toilet paper roll and sprayed it with glimmer mist and hot glued it to the bottom!!

Well I hope you like the tree and make one or a whole forrest for yourself. I'd love to see pictures if any of you do!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing. No time to make one of these this year but I will remember for next! Have a Happy Christmas


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