Thursday, April 1, 2010

... forgetfullness and stress

I love April fools day... but I forgot it was today :( I usually have pranks planned and go over the top and it totally slipped my mind. To be honest, I am stressing. Normally I would scrapbook to destress but I haven't the time. Last weekend I went to LA with my sister to a Supernatural Convention... like those old time Star Trek Conventions only this was all about the show Supernatural. It was fun and I was so excited my sister got her picture taken with Jared Padalecki who she adores!!

Once I got back I realized that I am going back to LA this weekend for my Biggest Loser audition... and boy am I nervous. Last night I had a mini panic attack I think. I am a rational person. I know that the likelihood of me getting on the show is VERY small but up until last night I had myself convinced that they were picking me for sure! Last night however the insecurities kicked in and I realized that is not going to happen. Now there is still that one in a million chance but for some reason this positive girl is having a bad attitude about the whole thing. I know I will snap out of it for Saturday but until then, I am stressing.

Happy april fools day!

Peace out Pin It


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i will keep my fingers crossed for u! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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